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How pickles got me into Yale // My common app essay

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How pickles got me into Yale // My common app essay

hey guys welcome back to another college video in this video I’m going to be reading my personal essay personal essays one of those things that’s really really important to the college process it might be few weeks or even a few months to write but without further ado here is mine I couldn’t fathom why anyone would ever screamed the word pitbull until that day at least somehow we got into a discussion about pickles and ap statistics everyone had their opinions something like classic dill others liked bread-and-butter and others vehemently lowest pickles in general I still maintain they were wrong a friend of mine didn’t know the pickling was a process and not an actual plan and the class explained to her that they were just fermented cucumbers i thus interjected with a tangent do other vegetables taste good pickled particularly with zucchinis be better pickles than cucumbers such was the birth of zoo coals I boldly announced my plan to do with my statistics teacher taught us to ask good questions and try to answer them by proclaiming I will do it I will pickle the zucchinis immediately a silence fell upon the room this was soon followed by a single voice quietly muttering do it a week later I walked into a piece of physics with three jars in my hand one had store-bought pickles another contained cucumbers I had pickled for a control group with the eponymous portmanteau jackals the last had the prized rules I felt like a god as I walked to the podium to display my beautiful creations eagerly my peers sprung to their feet desperate to settle this mystical question one by one they tasted each of three products and soon enough we confirmed our conjecture zou khals were better than pickles we’d answered one of the most important questions of mankind okay so maybe that’s overstating a bit nonetheless nonetheless the experiment the experience meant a lot to me I was ecstatic about my circles and they felt different they weren’t tied to grade standardized tests or athletic achievement rather I was just happy about creating a really weird way to bond and connect with my friends I was proud of dedicating my passion and intensity to something new different it may sound odd but making Zuko’s crystallize something important for me in short being past me being fascinated by weird or unconventional things is what makes me me I’m fascinated by the physics hand-eye coordination skill and muscle memory of juggling I’m astounded by thinking about the subtleties of breathing and buoyancy control that go into taking the perfect underwater photograph I’ve blown away by the inner workings of a kaleidoscope I love learning whether it be my book life experience or even pickle jar I love more than just learning though I love finding beauty and meaning and seemingly mundane things I love being passionate about things in which I’m not supposed to find passion more than anything among these I love math being a student of theater and music my whole life I wasn’t supposed to love math most students the general dislike math and find it rigid and intellectually constricting my acting friends dreaded yet I’ve come to find an elegant beautiful and enlightening I feel this way about math for the same reason I love my experiment my experience with pickling it gave me a medium in which to be creative now after spending two years learning as much about math as I can I’m excited to think I can spend the rest of my life investigating it mathematics is a realm where I will never run out of things to learn which is far beyond my wildest dreams though I do plan on pursuing math professionally I cannot say what else may lie in my future what I do know though is that there will always be more discipline my unending fascination the world would never see supervise me was something to explore and find beautiful be it math or just pickles so that was my comment up essay if you’re interested in the way that I went about writing the essay just let me know and I can make a video explaining how I went about that and maybe it can help somebody who doesn’t necessarily know where to start with their essay other than that this video is over I hope you enjoyed it see you later

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